Prodigi Corp. is a regional award-winning digital and social media marketing agency, located in Jordan, that offers premium multimedia services and customized communications solutions.

We help brands build stronger relationships with their target audience.

We are passionate about our team, our work and our clients’ success!

About Us
Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Do you want to socialize online and increase awareness for your brand?

We can do that for you by:

  • Establishing your social presence across all platforms
  • Generating and publishing relevant and interesting content
  • Turning your accounts into a main portal for online customer care
  • Engaging with users on a daily basis
  • Launching engaging promotions and apps that will increase hype and brand affiliation

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is rapidly growing and dominating the current marketing field. The world is quickly becoming digital.

We’ll help you jump on the bandwagon with our wide range of digital advertising services that include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google AdWords (Search & Display).

We always aim to deliver thorough 360 degree campaigns that meet our clients’ objectives.

Digital Advertising
Hit & Run Campaigns

Hit & Run Campaigns

Looking for a way to increase your online influence, create a memorable and positive experience and have people talking about you? Our Hit & Run Campaigns will do just that.

We will come up with ideas for your online campaigns and activations, integrated with on-ground marketing activities, and manage them from A to Z. All you need to do is enjoy the ride!

Social Media Consultancy

Brands and corporations who prefer having an in-house social media marketing team can benefit from our consultancy services.

We will provide you with a social media marketing strategy, help you setup your social media accounts and train your team.

Social Media Consultancy
Social Video Production

Social Video Production

​Video is taking online marketing by storm; it is simply the future of content marketing and the most powerful way to convey an idea and tell your story.

Simple or complex, we’ve got you covered with all your video needs.

Our clients' list includes:

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