What Social Media Was Missing

Prodigi is an award winning regional social networking and marketing agency that offers premium multimedia solutions and helps providing and customizing communication solutions for clients in order to engage online.

We believe that we have what other social networking agencies don’t; we manage digital communities, create strategies, help humanize solutions, create brand awareness by generating interactions and establish brand loyalties using all social networks to their optimum capacity.


Before developing your online brand presence, we create your online customer service branding, to know what's the difference between customer service and online customer service. Here's an explanation!


Since the world of e-commerce is largely an impersonal culture with virtually no facetoface contact with customers customer support enters a whole new dimension. Online, you must do things that you wouldn’t need to in the brick and mortar world, such as:

  • Offer customer­-friendly page design and navigation
  • Give sales transactions a personal touch, even when you may never speak to your customers
  • Ensure ordering instructions are clearly outlined on your social media page
  • Answer questions and confirm orders electronically
  • Provide assurance of security of personal information transmitted over the Web

Overall, the Internet allows you to make it easier for customers to do business with you because they can do it all right from their desktop any time of the day or night. We offer this service to all kinds of brands, with the full-support in Arabic & English.

Our services vary from creating your fanpage on Facebook, to customizing your account Twitter, uploading your videos on YouTube, Vivy or even Socialcam, taking photos on Instagram & sponsoring articles on blogs.


What we can do for you is:

  • Build brand loyalty, engage with customers on a daily basis
  • Generate and publish relevant content to keep the page interesting and appealing to fans
  • Become a main portal for customer care online
  • Manage the channel in Arabic and English
  • Launch engaging promotions and apps that will increasen hype and brand affiliation

One of the recently added value services that we offer is the Social Coverage service, which is basically covering your event with our experienced team to do it for you.

Live Streaming:Using Ustream or any other possible service, through the internet where people around the world will be able to stream the event live as if they’re in the event.

Mini-Interviews: Recording and fixing interviews and directly uploading them to your video viewing provider (such as YouTube or Vimeo) during the event, duration of 5 minutes maximum, hosted and presented by professional radio/TV hosts.

Twitter Hashtag: Creating a hashtag for your event and promoting it through key twitter users and a dedicated team to tweet photos, videos, users and the hashtag during the event.

Twitter Wall: Offering a twitter wall, customized and presented on a big screen, or a projector (depending on your venue/event type)..

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